General Links

A collection of links to history websites and resources


Wikipedia ~ The world's biggest free encycolpaedia, providing an array of historical information.
Luminarium ~ An excellent and comprehensive anthology Of English History.
Spartacus ~ Provides a series of free history encyclopaedias.


History On The Net ~ Provides information on a range of historical topics.
Tudors & Stuarts BBC Bitesize ~ A section dedicated to Tudor and Stuart history from BBC Bitesize.
BBC History ~ The BBC's History Website.
British Royal History ~ A comprehensive website dedicated to British royal history.
Scottish History Online ~ Stories and historical accounts on the history of Scotland.
English Monarchs ~ A website dedicated to the kings and queens of England.
Britannia ~ An American website providing information on British history.


British Library Virtual Books ~ An impressive collection of historical works online. ~ An extensive website of historical resources.
British History ~ A digital library containing primary and secondary resources.
Early English Books Online ~ Online digital reproductions of original printed works (subscribers only).
Project Gutenburg Online Books ~ Offers free digital reproductions of printed works.
State Papers Online ~ The complete collection of State Papers (subscribers only).
Online Books ~ Another free website offering digital reproductions of historic works.
Ultimate Guide to History Resources ~ Links to history resources online.


History Today ~ The world's leading history magazine.
BBC History ~ Britain's bestselling history magazine.


Comber Primary School ~ Provides information on Tudors and Stuarts for children.
Children's British History Encyclopedia ~ A resource for children.


Hamton Court Palace ~ Henry VIII's magnificent Tudor palace, remodelled by William III and Mary II.
Windsor Castle ~ This has been an important royal residence for a millenium.
Tower Of London ~ While this was officially a palace, it is more famous as a prison.
Hatfield House ~ Elizabeth I's childhood home. The Great Hall survives.
St James's Palace ~ One of the most important residences of the Tudor and Stuart monarchs.